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Our Studio

We have several Studio facilities available to us but, the main one borders London and Essex. Included in all studios is a tradtional and friendly environment and all production studios are professional, sophisticated and in house modern equipment suitable for all TV show needs. Read More


Although we predominantly cook on the TV show itself within a studio enviroment, we do also find time to go out on the town to a specifically chosen restaurant with good facilities. This enables the show to be broadcast 'LIVE', the whole aim being to bring a new and diverse mixture a of ‘Cook Out’ food entertainment directly to the people who are then invited to also partcipate in the show. Read More


Each  of the thirty minute weekly shows aim to bring a fresh, exciting and brand new approach to the way Americana music and cooking can be seamlessly combined and delivered to UK TV screens. With lively presenters, a house band an array of differing guests that will all contribute to great family night’s viewing.

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To bring both new and established artists to our TV centre stage is part of the shows philosophy and ethos.

Although the artists are predominantly recorded in house and on the show, we will also help to promote artists with all types of Americana connections so we also film their gigs out on location where we will support and follow their progress.

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We will be out on location from time to time and filming various artists in and about the club scene that will all play a big part in helping us to embrace, endorse and build and promote a range of friends. As well as this it will be used to provide and enhance future partnerships and used for future broadcasting such as at award ceremonies or even special party nights held for viewers and travelling public.

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The show will also produce a monthly magazine bulletin in order to advertise Americana and keep the show’s growing audience abreast of news reports, new shows, gigs, and venues as well as highlighting artists thoughts etc., as well as reader and viewer thoughts, ideas and recipes to try out and any other information basically stemming from the show.Read More

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We are a TV show company which comprises many different entertainment content subjects, with light hearted viewing as its principle for the UK public and regulated by the Ofcom authority.

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