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Now, sit back and join us on The UK Americana Bar while I tell you about my journey.

I was introduced to the music business at an early age and used to go on the road as a singer with my family and was then incredibly excited by the music and all that it involved. At the time I couldn't help but watch top stars of the day and their performances because all this really had a BIG impact on my future and me, as it was always new music, that never left me and where I wanted to be in life,
As an Artist today, I've been involved with producing, song writing, radio and have never once lost the passion for the gig or the stage. Whenever I felt a little down, all I had to do was watch one of the greats like Sammy Davis Jr or Elvis then I was immediately back on top and ready to go again. Recently I was urged on by friends to do this, so I have now decided to get this TV show off the ground.
The UK Americana Bar offers the UK audience as well as various true friends the opportunity to become involved with music, fun, food and a very popular lifestyle, all containing the modern day exciting theme of bringing the Americana Dream alive and kicking into the UK.

We will attempt to capture those rich entertainment values where people share their stories and love for this type of music, song writing, new arrangement by musicians, cooks and public alike.
Americana music's original foundation came from the UK shores and went on to incorporate an abundance of connected additions like Slave Music, Creole etc., it is our show that will influence musical talent that already pours from the UK public and musical veins right now.
Very soon our endeavours will only add to this a family affair that expands the love of the music, cooking and Americana Lifestyle in its entirety.
So as I first said, we want you to sit back and relax by joining us on The UK Americana Bar.


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