Although we predominantly cook on the TV show itself within a studio enviroment, we do also find time to go out on the town to a specifically chosen restaurant with good facilities.

This enables the show to be broadcast 'LIVE', the whole aim being to bring a new and diverse mixture a of ‘Cook Out’ food entertainment directly to the people who are then invited to also partcipate in the show.

We not only promote the establishment itself, but with live participation, also help introduce a new dish of Americana to that particular restaurant menu. A constant growth volume of Americana type recipes will help bring added knowledge and indeed fun to all new dishes brought to our table.

We charge the restaurant, then arrive and film within the restaurant to advertise it and to demonstrate that the restaurant has extra specialities by offering their menus, staff, facilities and much more

If your mother cooks Americana food, why should you go to a restaurant?

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We aim to be the first to bring Americana Cooking to the UK TV screens and being specialised in this field puts us in a strong position to encourage any new partners to invest in the show’s company infrastructure and well-being going forward.

Competition winners will then be eating as their prize in that restaurant and hopefully this will also assist in broadening the appeal of the viewing public as well as the helping the show’s eventual success.

All restaurants once advertised on the TV show will then go on to receive both presence and status on the show’s website database; giving an extra promotion for the restaurant and hopefully, further advertising wealth towards the show’s company database.

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