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We will work and sometimes partner alongside record labels to share and achieve any goals forecast with musical content going forward.

This will allow The UK Americana Bar to barter deals for distribution with the artist’s content such as albums, and any other that may arise fruitful to both parties.

Compilations, film, concerts, and also live broadcasts both via the TV show and outside, are all seen as valued content for the company and will be contracted this way.

Just do it, I started my own record label.

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When an artist is starting to get gigs, have recorded a three-song demo, then looking for management, these three steps are leading up to one massive leap -- finding a record label.

When an artist appears on the UK Americana Bar TV show, we will help them to source the right introductions and lead their careers further.

Remember that nowadays, many record companies are huge corporations that own a variety of record labels.

For the most part, these companies are located in New York, Los Angeles or Nashville. These corporations usually consist of a parent company that owns more than one record label.

For example:-

Warner Brothers Records owns Reprise Records and Maverick Records. BMG own Aristas Records, RCA and J Records.

In today's economy, most large record companies are actually huge conglomerates that own a variety of subsidiary record labels.

Often, the subsidiary labels are each mini-companies operating under the umbrella of the larger corporation so The UK Americana Bar understands only too well the importance of the record label and its position in the music industry.


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