To bring both new and established artists to our TV centre stage is part of the shows philosophy and ethos.

Although the artists are predominantly recorded in house and on the show, we will also help to promote artists with all types of Americana connections so we also film their gigs out on location where we will support and follow their progress.

The eventual aim to possibly encourage these artists while we look to play a part in perhaps securing a record deal and advertise their further potential while looking forward to bringing our own special showcase nights out on the UK Americana circuit and going forward, future proofing, there are also festivals planned with locations already secured.

Basically, I live to do gigs.

Amy Winehouse - Source Title

Without gigs in the UK, there would be no music scene and we constantly hunt with the view to support the UK America music scene, but also to promote our show and website.

Gigs for the artists is generally where it’s at and for us to be invited week by week to go out and about filming in pubs, clubs and restaurants on special gig nights, brings a sense of friendly synergy for all concerned to the fore. These generally will include endorsement for the artists as well as the establishment, extra unknown content for the UK Americana Bar weekly show and a host of other benefits.

We are presentlt proud members of most recognised musical governing bodies concerned within the UK as well as various sections of the international scene that will be pleased to introduce and promote our own discoveries, while also nurturing potential artists to the UK Americana gig scene both in the UK, Europe and abroad.

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