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A concert is not a live rendition of an album. It's a theatrica! event.

Freddie Mercury - Source Title

From start to finish the show will become upbeat as well as fun packed because we want our viewers to feel as though they are an overall part of the very show itself. With all that is going on within the show, if the UK Americana music do not get to the people where it most counts, then perhaps the food section might just hit that spot.

Our Presentation is aimed at the Family, Artists readily recognisable or not, together with our usual house band will make this fun and very talked about.

The idea of Americana’s, all chipping in to the fun together with the occasional comedy sketch is sure to be a weekly must see favourite viewing spot for all. Interactive competitions and shared news and views from all viewers based up and down the country will be welcoming and will help add a sense of belonging to the show and to its family feel.

Contributing our combined content, value and fun at heart, the show has to appeal to both young and old viewers alike because the music especially will influence comes from a very wide ranging time and source both past and present.  

All that has to happen is for the viewer to join us.

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