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"America is so vast that almost everything you say about it is likely to be true and the opposite is probably equally true."

That's how the late Irish-American novelist James T. Farrell summed up the intriguing complexity of the United States. We have found this to be a very useful quote. It covers just about everything and gets us out of a tight corner if we are accused of misrepresenting the country which has been some of my family's adopted home for the past seven years and the Americana Lifestyle is part of it.


The UK Americana Bar has started working closely with people in our industry, a broad spectrum included musicians, artists, labels, radio stations, retailers, print media, festivals, agents, publishers, etc. all aimed at helping to  organize and build the Americana Lifestyle infrastructure necessary for our genre to achieve success both creatively and financially.

To that end we began to conduct an ongoing publicity campaign to help brand and raise awareness of Americana, we intend hosting an annual Americana Music & Cookout Festival, publish the Americana Cooking tips, chart favourite shows, produce the annual Americana Wooden Spoon Award, then participating by introducing new and established artists to our weekly TV Cookout Show and becoming involved in other industry events and conferences, producing member newsletters and helping to provide marketing impetus and materials, conducting research about our industry and its consumers, work to increase the Americana Lifestyle at retail level and serve as a general campaigner on behalf of Americana's welfare.

We will also centre on creating concentration for the public profile of the Americana Lifestyle. All these efforts are to enhance the general responsiveness of Americana in taking the form and various projects to enlarge general interest and help brand the Americana Lifestyle themes - all with our ultimate aim of connecting artists, way of life and UK Lifestyle to a local and hopefully grateful audience.

The UK Americana Bar will be working with others behind the scenes like TV promotion and also within the music industry in order to advance an environment for fun with growth: building communications, creating networks, institute channeling opportunities that allow professional entities to operate successfully and resourcefully as a means of achieving greater accomplishment for the utmost number of participating UK Americana Lifestyle audience and members.

As many proclaim Americana is now the ''New Main Stream Popular Music'' of its day, the UK Americana Bar intends helping the process of creating new platforms for artists and their work to showcase and promoting planned range of activities.

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About The UK Americana Bar

We are a TV show company which comprises many different entertainment content subjects, with light hearted viewing as its principle for the UK public and regulated by the Ofcom authority.

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