TV Shows Featuring UK Americana Music!!!
Come and join Sam and the Gang on a UK Americana Cookout !!!
Fantastic Americana Recipes and Fun with Different Well Known Artists !!!
TV Shows Featuring UK Americana Music!!!
Group of Some of The Artists Involved


Our aim is to celebrate and join a growing popularity of Americana Lifestyles in UK!
The show's musical content utilises artists from the UK and beyond that include various features like Americana Cooking, News and Views from both UK and abroad. It's TV Content Show brings fabulous Family Viewing, Light Hearted and Fun Packed Entertainment to new style levels via an all emcompassing TV Show featuring Music, Food and UK Americana.

UK Americana Bar is a family programme built around Americana music and its lifestyle and are lauching their new TV show series in 2019 content preview show airing .

This will feature top artists from the UK and North America together with a selection of the finest UK based bands, interviews with top stars and Americana well as Hilarious Comedy


We are Fun

An all UK Americana TV Show that is a finger licking good feast brought to you by native cookery experts and stylists. In this hands-on class. Sam and musical friends cause mayhem in the background, the chefs meanwhile will show you how to recreate an abundant array of dishes such as Hot buffalo prawns with celery sticks and blue cheese dip, Maple and bacon BBQ beans, Slow roast baby back ribs and Peach and raspberry traybake. The perfect menu combined with Americana lifestyle for your al fresco entertaining during the BBQ season.


Artists Joining Us

Americana is an increasingly influential style of music that encompasses many key elements of American roots music – folk, blues, country, bluegrass and rock, for starters – but it lives in a world apart from the pure forms of these genres. If you love Alison Krauss, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Calexico, Wilco, Jason Isbell or Steve Earle then you know what we're about. It's that old cast-iron Coca-Cola sign that's been in your neighbour's shed for 50 years, a banjo and a Fender telecaster playing together, a 1955 Chevy with a modern stereo.


We Love Cooking

The basics of UK Americana cooking was born out of slave foods and poor of the south that often ate a similar diet, that consisted of many of the indigenous New World crops. Salted or smoked pork often supplemented a vegetable diet. Rural poor also ate squirrel, possum, rabbit and other woodland animals but, will not be on our menus. Those on the "rice coast" often ate ample amounts of rice, while the grain for the rest of the southern poor and slaves was cornmeal used in breads and porridges. It's not like our usual food, it's yummie!

Something About the Americana Lifestyle

Robbie  McIntosh
Ward Thomas
Steve Rodgers

UK Americana Music section will present some of the very best Americana Artists playing together.

Featuring top artists from the UK and North America together with a selection of the finest UK based bands.

The Artists and Menus shown on the UK Americana Show

Some of the Artists Performing

Click on any of the Pictures to hear the Artist Song

UK Americana Bar will also bring you Americana Fun Style Cooking
A Little History
While the earliest cuisine of the United States was influenced by indigenous Native Americans, the cuisine of the thirteen colonies or the culture of the antebellum American South; the overall culture of the nation, its gastronomy and the growing culinary arts became ever more influenced by its changing ethnic mix and immigrant patterns from the 18th and 19th centuries unto the present. Some of the ethnic groups that continued to influence the cuisine were here in prior years; while others arrived more numerously during "The Great Transatlantic Migration (of 1870—1914) or other mass migrations.

Some of the ethnic and slave influences could be found in the nation from after the American Civil War and into the History of United States continental expansion during most of the 19th century. Ethnic influences already in the nation at that time would be included into other many ethnic and local groups and respective cuisines making it wholesome and fun to explore.


So this is a combined mixture event that you will enjoy and there are still the sweet foods to get you going.

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